Background to Project

CaneCo is a private company registered in St George’s to supply the agricultural services necessary to provide cane juice for distillation at the purpose-built Renegade Rum Distillery.

The company propagates, cultivates, harvests and mills superior sugar cane. Not just any cane, but premium varieties selected for their suitability to the island’s climate and soils, as well as resistance to disease and drought.

With help from Booker Tate, the world’s leading cane experts, modern machinery, and the latest best practice from around the globe, we have a new approach to an old industry.

By matching cane to soil, in 3 acre units, we can optimise not only the cane’s natural performance, but also obtain a wide variety of cane from which to make something very special.

The Team

Cane Crew

The Cane Co team is growing. Are you interested in working for with is we’d love to hear from you?

The Timeline



Scouting trip to Grenada, met Graham Williams

Oct – Dec

Feasibility Study commissioned from Booker Tate


Feb – Sept

Development Plan commissioned from Booker Tate


Presented to Agriculture, farmers & met BJ

April – Aug

Presented to Agriculture, farmers & met BJ


Phase 1 Nursery at Westerhall


Development Plan implemented



Environmental site Assessments


Distillery site Acquisition


Phase 2 Nursery, 55 Acres, at Hope & Westerhall

July – Nov

Distillery planning & environment Impact study


Jan – June

Commercial harvest 150 acres+ planted

July – Dec

Mill & distillery Construction


Jan – June

1st Harvest


Jan – Sept

Completion of the Distillery

Aug- Sept

1st Distillation


Renegade Clairin will be launched in 2021


Renegade Rum goes to market

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    CaneCo, Westerhall,
    St. David’s, Grenada.

    +1 473-443-5477

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