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B 5992: The Stickler of our Sugar Cane Varieties
B 5992, also known in our fields as ‘Clean Ester’, is only grown in Guadeloupe and Martinique, the French islands famous for their tradition of producing Rhum Agricole from freshly pressed sugar cane juice. Renegade Rum has adopted a similar and refined production approach, which is why we've started cultivating this particular variety.
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B77602: The Competitor of our Sugar Cane Varieties
Next in our series of articles about the cane varieties we grow we come to B77602 - the competitor ...
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B63118: The Rebel of our Sugar Cane Varieties
In Grenada the tenure of B63118 came to an end after the collapse of the sugar industry on the ...
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B89447: The Lady of our Sugar Cane Varieties
B89447 - also known locally as ‘Yellow Lady’ - is a fairly new variety we've taken a liking to. ...
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B80689: The Champ of our Sugar Cane Varieties
When we started in 2016, there was hardly any active sugar cane farming left. To kick-start our operations, we ...
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Tractors – modern simplicity
Our recent unique agricultural revival on Grenada required that we adopt a new approach to machinery including which brand ...
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Trailers – ingenuity at work
Our new approach to cane even extends to the farm machinery we use to transport it from the canefields ...
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