Introducing Phili

DATE: 11/05/2018

We’re pleased to welcome our new “terroir-iste” and agronomist, Phili Augustine

Extremely well-versed in matters of terroir – how soils, landscapes and microclimates influence the way plants grow – Phili holds a Masters degree in agriculture.

She studied Soil Science and Viticulture at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa, in the Western Cape Province and has over a decade of experience researching the role of terroir attributes – which she gained working at the Agricultural Research Council in South Africa, and visiting the Champagne and Burgundy regions of France. Phili has also authored four peer-reviewed scientific articles and had published two articles in industry journals on terroir-related work.

As an agronomist, working under the head of agriculture, BJ, her main role will be to ensure we produce the best quality cane with modern practices. As a terroir expert, her role involves matching the right cane to the right soil or micro climate around the various fields over the island.

The full traceability of our cane, from field to mill to still and bottle, is an important aspect of our business. The growing management of our cane fields from land preparation to optimal planting and growth, Phili will be documenting, testing, quantifying the results.

Phili will look at the role of certain attributes such as micro-climate, soil, humidity (the terroir) have on cane growth, quality and flavour through scientific data collection and analyses. The aim is to understand, for example, the flavour differences in cane grown on the volcanic, grainy slopes of Lake Antoine, and that on the richer soils of Hope, lying between two rivers dominated by alluvial sediments. Such contrasting attributes will contribute significantly to the style and quality of rum that Renegade Rum distillery will distil.

Phili’s approach is “we know, because we measure”. By applying such a philosophy for CaneCo, she will help Renegade Rum to be one of a kind.


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